Spiritual Growth Male Balance Gift Set with Crown Chakra Bracelet, Rutiliated Quartz and Onyx


The perfect energizing and activating gift set for the men in your life!

Gift set contains:

4 Oz Male Balance 100% pure aromatherapy spray: Eases discomfort of male imbalances and andropause. Relieves stress, uplifts, and stabilizes body, mind, and emotions.

Rutilated Quartz and Onyx Crown Chakra stretch bracelet in 18k Gold finish. Rutilated Quartz is a stone of spiritual growth, helping us to know where we need to change. It links the root chakra to the crown chakra, so pairs excellently with Onyx which is a very grounding and strengthening stone. 

Gift set valued at $120. Comes in a sleek black gift box with white bow.

Aromatherapy Spritzer ingredients:

Filtered Water: Hydrating and refreshing to the skin.

Bergamot FCF: Used as a sedative, calms and also uplifts the mood, balances mood swings, increases sense of well-being.

Frankincense: Provides immune support. Slows and deepens breath. Enhances meditation. Calms, relaxes, soothes the mind. 

Cedarwood Atlas: Acts as a sedative, lymphatic stimulant, and immune booster. Calms and soothes the mind, enhances emotional stability. 

Lavender: Protects against stress, restores normal balance, a nerve tonic, promotes overall sense of well being. 

Pine Needle: Gives adrenal support, immune support, restorative, stimulates mental energy. 

Tea Tree: Provides immune support, stimulates mental energy, revitalizing, uplifting to mind and spirits. 

All our essential oils are: free of synthetics, free of pesticides, unadulterated, finely crafted in the USA from essential oils found in their native growing regions. 

To find bracelet size, measure circumference of wrist.