Bespoke Custom Mala and Intuitive Guidance


Ready for your new favorite mala and struggling to find anything that resonates? Malas can be incredibly powerful tools for growth and transformation, and the path to creating or choosing the perfect piece can be a very personal one.

We offer a bespoke custom mala service that is less like a service and more like an intimate conversation about exactly what your soul currently craves.

Whether it be a new career opening, new friendship, an improvement in your love life, you set the intentions and we listen. Then let us hold space for you through the process of selecting the perfect gemstones to amplify and empower your intentions, and sit back while we create your piece. 

After you place your order, please email with the following info and place CUSTOM MALA in the subject line. Or if you prefer, simply email your desired stones if you already know them. (All information is kept in the strictest confidence, and you are open to share as much or as little as you choose.) 

1) The top one or two areas of your life you would like to work on (e.g. finances, love life, health etc), and what your intention is for each. 

2) Any stones you may be drawn to or considering (none required)

 In the consultation we will discuss via email:

- Up to two or three gemstones to work with per mala

- Whether you would like any additional charms on your piece to amplify your intentions.

- Color combinations and layout of stones in the necklace

- Intuitive guidance about what stones to select

All consultations are with Seven Saints owner and designer Kaliah Shil'Ee, a reiki master and certified Angel Intuitive reader, who has over 15 years of experience working with gemstones in a healing capacity.  She will also hand make your piece in a mindful and meditative atmosphere. 

Feel guided, nurtured, and supported during this process of ultimate self care!


*Prices start from $220 and may increase depending on stone selection or if more precious or rarer stones are requested. 


"Thank you so very much for the incredibly beautiful Mala you created for me. There are no words to describe it’s beauty and the energy which it holds. With love... and grace, Monique." San Diego 



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