Child Harmony 100% Pure Essential Oil Spray


Is your child feeling a tad overstimulated, tired, stressed, or cranky? It’s ok, all children have their moments – heck, even we do! Our therapeutic quality, 100% pure and natural Child Harmony essential oil spray will come to the rescue.

Expertly crafted from 100% pure essential oils proven to be soothing for even the most irritable and restless of moods, our Child Harmony spray is the perfect reset remedy for your child, and is also rebalancing for your own inner child. Winning for the whole family!

How to use: Spray around face and body, avoiding contact with eyes. Perfect for use as a room spray, or a spritzing around the bed as a night time ritual.

4 fl Oz bottle


Filtered Water

Roman Chamomile: Soothes stress, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, anger, tension, impatience, shock, hyperactivity.

Sweet Fennel: Helps emotional imbalance, anxiety, fear, upset stomach.

Dill: Soothing for upset stomach, overwhelm, anxiety, and chaos.

Red Mandarin: Balances anxiety, sadness, restless energy.

Lavender: Soothes irritability, restlessness, anxiety, anger, tension, stress, exhaustion, emotional imbalance.


All our essential oils are: free of synthetics, free of pesticides, unadulterated, finely crafted in the USA from essential oils found in their native growing regions.