Enhance Creativity Seed of Life Orange Lava Stone Necklace/Wrist Mala, 18k Gold Plated


Enjoy this yoga-inspired Mala as both a necklace and a wrist wrap. Lava stone is thought to enhance creativity, dream work, communication and cleanse negativity. The orange color of the lava beads brings added Sacral Chakra healing - the center of pleasure and creativity. 

A 20 mm round 18k gold plated stainless steel Seed of Life amulet is also believed to be a symbol of protection that brings abundance and creative power into our lives by aligning us to the rhythms of nature.

Necklace is strung on a 35 inch long thick stretch cord and can be wrapped around the wrist approximately 5 times.  Finished with a vanilla colored 2 inch silky tassel.