FEMININE BALANCE Mala, Moonstone, Seed of Life 18K Gold Plated


108 bead Mala in white moonstone. Moonstones are thought to be the strongest gemstones for bringing out psychic abilities. Thought to be a "woman's best friend", moonstones can be healing in all phases of a woman's life, from menstruation, to pregnancy, to childbirth. Moonstones can also bring the heart and mind into emotional balance, and are considered a stone of "wish fulfillment".

Mala features a vanilla silk tassel, a Seven Saints signature bead, and a 1 inch round Seed of Life amulet in 18K gold plated brass.

The Seed of Life was believed by ancient cultures to grant spiritual protection and is a symbol of the Divine Feminine. 

Six circles interlock around a seventh, representing the seven stages of creation.