Focus and Clarity Meditate Gift Set, with Tiger's Eye Buddha Bracelet, Unisex


Find your center, focus, and create sacred space and insight with this gorgeous meditation gift set for men or women. 

Gift set contains:

4 Oz bottle of our 100% pure "Meditate" essential oil spray: Focuses and quiets the mind, enhances meditation, and creates sacred space.

Tiger's Eye Buddha Bracelet in 18k Gold finish: Dispels fear and anxiety, brings luck and protection, focuses the mind, and brings courage and confidence. The Buddha is a symbol of peace, compassion, and meditation. 

Gift set is valued at $126. Comes in a sleek black box with white bow. 


Aromatherapy Spritzer Ingredients:

Filtered Water: Hydrating and refreshing to the skin.

Cedarwood Atlas: Eases tension, stress, and a restless mind.

Bergamot, FCF: Useful for mild depression, emotional imbalance, tension, stress, apathy.

Frankincense: Reduces stress, tensions, shallow breathing, rapid breathing, restless mind.

Patchouli: Helps emotional imbalance, tension, stress, mild depression, emotional instability. 

Sandalwood: Enhances meditation, eases emotional distress, a restless mind, and sense of isolation. Warming. 


All our essential oils are: free of synthetics, free of pesticides, unadulterated, finely crafted in the USA from essential oils found in their native growing regions.