HEART CHAKRA Anahata Bangle, Peridot 18K Gold Finish


18K gold plated stackable brass bangle engraved Heart Chakra symbol and two bezel set peridot stones.

S/M: size  6 - 6.5 wrists.  Size M/L: for size 7 - 7.5 wrists. 

Peridot resonates with the Heart Chakra. It is an excellent stone thought to bring healing to all types of relationships, particularly marriage. Excellent for rebirth and renewal, reputed to slow the aging process, heal anger and other negative emotions.  

The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and teaches us about unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of self and others. 

Affirmations: I let love in. I AM kind to myself. I live in peace and gratitude. 

How to accurately measure your wrist size:

Using a tape measure or piece of string, wrap it around the very top of your wrist at the base of your hand. If you're not using a tape measure, measure the piece of string against a ruler to get your measurement.

6 - 6.5 inches fits a S/M bangle

7 - 7.5 inches fits a M/L bangle

If you are unsure or need a different size, please send us an email at hello@sevensaints.life, and we are more than happy to assist you to get the correct size.