Meditate 100% Pure Essential Oil Spray, Create Sacred Space


Create sacred space, relax the body, and calm the mind with our 100% pure Meditate essential oil spray. 

This definitive blend is ideal for enhancing your meditation practice, promoting feelings of inner peace, focus, clarity of mind, and acceptance. 

How to use: Spray around face and body, avoiding contact with eyes. Use as a room spritzer to set the tone for deep meditation. Also perfect for yoga teachers and holistic health practitioners to assist students and clients enter a state of meditative peace. 

Carry with you and spritz on the go whenever you need to refocus and recenter. Use as part of your night time ritual to set a calming, restful mood.

4 fl Oz bottle


Filtered Water: Hydrating and refreshing to the skin.

Cedarwood Atlas: Eases tension, stress, and a restless mind.

Bergamot, FCF: Useful for mild depression, emotional imbalance, tension, stress, apathy.

Frankincense: Reduces stress, tensions, shallow breathing, rapid breathing, restless mind.

Patchouli: Helps emotional imbalance, tension, stress, mild depression, emotional instability. 

Sandalwood: Enhances meditation, eases emotional distress, a restless mind, and sense of isolation. Warming. 


All our essential oils are: free of synthetics, free of pesticides, unadulterated, finely crafted in the USA from essential oils found in their native growing regions. 

Shake well before use.