Spiritual Healing Rosewood & Rose Quartz Repousse Mala, 18k Antique Gold Finish


Enjoy the spiritual healing and nourishing benefits of Rosewood and Rose quartz with this feminine and grace-filled mala. 

It's believed that Rosewood provides a strong spiritual connection between people and the Divine. Rosewood is thought to open our hearts and have the ability to clear negative energy that is stopping us from healing ourselves. It's delicate aroma is very calming, thus it's believed to help the immune system and heal both spiritual and physical ailments. 

Rosewood's feminine energy is amplified when paired with rose quartz accent stones. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and forgiveness in both love partnerships and friendships. 

This mala has 108 beads with gold filigree accents, and a handcarved Nepalese repousse-inspired guru bead in 18k antique gold plated brass. The luxe creamy tassel is 3.5 inches long.