THROAT CHAKRA 5 Pure Aromatherapy Roll On Essence 10ml


Take the power of pure aromatherapy with you wherever you go with our 10ml Throat Chakra pure essential oil roll on essence.

The throat chakra, (otherwise known as the fifth chakra) is located at the throat and thyroid region. It relates to how clearly and authentically we express ourselves in the world. When it's balanced and healthy we speak and make decisions with integrity, and are true to our own inner voice.

Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Clary Sage and Palmarosa, Jojoba Oil
5th Chakra Properties:

Color - Blue
Element - Ether
Sound - HAM
Minerals - Aquamarine, Amazonite, Blue Topaz and Turquoise.

Suggested Uses:  Apply to pulse points, inhale. Can be used like a regular perfume, or for more specific throat chakra healing, massage into the throat and neck area

Can be purchased alone, or for comprehensive chakra realignment, purchase our 7 box set of essences. 

Made in the USA from 100% pure therapeutic quality essential oils.