SACRAL CHAKRA 2 Pure Aromatherapy Roll On Essence


Take the power of pure aromatherapy with you wherever you go with our Sacral Chakra blend roll on essence.

The sacral, or second chakra is related to the emotions, our relationships with others, and our sexuality.  A healthy second chakra brings balanced emotions, creative fulfillment, and satisfying relationships.

Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils of Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange, Jojoba Oil.

Second Chakra Properties:
Color - Orange
Element - Water
Sound - VAM
Minerals - Carnelian, Sunstone, Orange Quartz

Suggested Uses:  Apply to pulse points, inhale. Can be used like a regular perfume, or for more specific sacral chakra healing, massage into the lower abdomen area.

Can be purchased alone, or for comprehensive chakra realignment, purchase our 7 box set of essences.