Seven Saints was founded and launched in 2016 by Kaliah Shil'Ee, a New Zealand born, California based jewelry designer, photographer, and mother of two, who was involved in the holistic healing field for many years. Looking for a way to blend her love of the spiritual with her interest in the visual creative arts, on a four month hiatus to India she sought out local artisans and crafts people to teach her painting, sketching, and jewelry fabrication techniques in places like the far-flung villages of Orissa and Rajasthan, where she fortuitously met the family of the most renowned miniature painter in India, Badri Lal Chitrakar, and was invited into their atelier. 

Looking to take her new skills further, she moved to Los Angeles and studied jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and in the subsequent years her jewelry business was born. A collection for the 'spiritual seeker', her passion for the esoteric as well as her many explorations around the world are what inspire her.

Made entirely locally, the pieces are assembled by hand in the designer's studio. 

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of her life, and she believes practices like prayer and setting positive intentions are what can ground us, center us, and get us through the many ups and downs of life. 

While maintaining a fashion sensibility, the jewelry utilizes healing gemstones and sacred symbols. Every printed text, scripture, positive thought, or symbol has been chosen intentionally to inspire and serve as a daily reminder to the wearer of their sacredness, divinity, and inner light.

In the summer of 2017, Seven Saints released a new aromatherapy collection crafted in the USA from 100% pure essential oils to complement their aromatherapy jewelry pieces and chakra balancing items. 

To date, Seven Saints has appeared in the likes of British Vogue, UK Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Red, and British GQ, and will be one of the featured brands found at the Good Goods Market opening in Soho, New York in the Fall of 2017.



What people are saying:

"I love love love my silver bracelet and the one with the stones.  I wear the silver all the time." ~ Joanne C, Los Angeles

"I want to not only thank you for my beautiful bangle, which I absolutely love, I want you to know that I gave my friend her bangle today and she immediately fell in love with it and said that it’s beautiful and that she could feel the quality.  I am really enjoying your beautiful creations.  Thank you again." ~ Joanne C, Los Angeles

"Everything is perfect and I have worn the one with the pink stone already several times. I love the rose gold necklace too. Thanks again. Very happy camper and happy customer." ~ Judy B, San Diego

"My mom recently purchased the Brow Chakra necklace for me as a gift for my college graduation. I absolutely love it and it fit great and I love the quality. It was the perfect gift." ~ Amanda N, New York

"I have to say the bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I am very pleased with it, thank you!" ~ Vicky K, England

"(The earrings) are beautiful – I’ve already had compliments on them." ~ Alison M, Scotland

"Wearing Seven Saints jewelry has given me the opportunity to experience a more spiritual life by feeling more in peace. It also gives me that special elegant touch!" ~ Yesita J, Santa Ana